Darryl Haley, formerly of the New England Patriots and Ironman Triathlete, now owner and operator of The Darryl Haley Bed and Breakfast, where romance, fun and fitness are the main activities.

Darryl began his personal fitness training career while playing football for the New England Patriots and has continued his involvement in personal fitness training and athletics for over 25 years. In 1989, this California native relocated to the Washington, D.C. metro area. At that time, Darryl began a career as a Corporate Fitness Trainer, Technology Marketing Specialist and Strategic Business Development Consultant.

Darryl combined his interests and aptitudes using his B.S. degree in Human Kinetics from the University of Utah, a degree in Computer Science from George Washington University, over 15 years as personal fitness trainer and a top Ironman Triathlete.

Darryl is the biggest athlete ever to compete and complete the Gatorade Hawaii Ironman Triathlon. In 1995, the 6'6", 325-pound former National Football League offensive lineman finished the renowned endurance event in just under the 17-hour cut-off time. In a race that includes a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike and 26.2-mile marathon, just finishing is considered a victory. By finishing the IRONMAN, Darryl has broken down all the barriers with respect to larger individuals and their ability to participate in major endurance sports.

Upon his arrival in Kona, Hawaii, where the race is held each year, Darryl was no stranger to the local islanders or the other competitors who had come to Kona to race from more than 84 different Countries.

After much publicity regarding his participation as the first mainstream professional athlete to compete in the Hawaii Ironman, Darryl feels that competing in the Ironman triathlon was a turning point in his life.

In celebration of the Ironman Triathlon's 20th anniversary, Darryl competed in several triathlon races around the world. He has utilized these events and the media as a platform to link-up and improve international relations, among athletics, youth involvement and spectator support.

Darryl's goal is to continue establishing infrastructures to increase international socialization, cross-cultural education, human and race relations among athletics and individuals from other countries and the

Audio Library LinkFurther, Darryl is setting up an exchange program with athletes and individuals (middle and high school students) from other countries. As we learn, understand and continue to educate ourselves regarding other cultures the more accepting we will become of others as individuals. Darryl’s participation in the Gatorade Hawaii Ironman triathlon has influenced other professional and larger athletes to participate in the sport of triathlon and the Hawaii Ironman. He's "BREAKING DOWN THE BARRIERS".